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Standard Modul


Topics: Different Attacks and Fighting Strategy

- Palm-, Fist- and Handstrikes
- Straight front attack
- Eye strike
- Regular Front Kick
- Front Kick leg
- Straight Front Kick
- Round Kick
- Blocking techniques
- Forward Hammerfist
- Downward Hammerfist
- Hammerfist To The Side
- Hammerfist To The Back
- Elbow Strike Horizontal
- Elbow Strike Sideways
- Elbow Strike Horizontal Backward
- Elbow Strike Vertical Backward
- Elbow Strike Vertical Forward And Upward
- Elbow Strike Vertical Forward And Downward
- Ellbow Defense from high to low
- Combinations
- Stomp Kick
- Knee Strike
- Front Kick & Hammerfist
- Front Kick & Straight Palm
- Front Kick leg & Straight Palm
- 180° Defense
- Ellbow & Triangle Defense


  • Categories: Self Defense
  • Level: Beginner/Advanced
  • Language: German
  • Skills: Basics, Standard

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