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The goal of DEFENSE TACTICS is to offer our customers the best possible added value, which is equivalent to a master-to-student, face-to-face training.
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Conclusion on the subject of fear
Finally, I would like to summarize the individual points that are important.

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How do I learn to control my anxiety/fear better?
I actually get this question more often. In principle, there is only one answer.

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Fear can not be avoided or switched off
Fortunately, we can learn to handle it. We'll come back to how it works better to control anxiety later.

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Martial Arts Traditional vs. Martial Arts Sports - that's the difference
If that is not one and the same, you may wonder. To anticipate the answer right away: No, it is not. There are actually some differences that may surprise you on closer inspection.

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How to deal with the fear of a fight
Surely you also know the feeling when anxiety starts to spread and you think of tens of thousands of thoughts from one moment to the other.

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