How it works


Simple techniques for everyone

Our mission: Self-defense for every concept of life and every individual. Take the time you need and practice continuously, 3-4 times a week, use your independence. DEFTACS can therefore be learned online and used independently:


Useful from young years to old age.


Ideal for kids and teens (together with adults only), women and men.


A trained body is an advantage but not a requirement.

  • Self-defense - learning online effectively

    With our online training you decide yourself how much time you spend on the training. At your own pace, you can get to know and deepen the individual techniques. You need neither previous knowledge nor a long, intensive training. All presented techniques can be learned with our training videos and used safely in the dangerous situation.
  • And so you learn your new self-defense online:

    Videos show every technology in motion. Slow-motion makes it easier to understand the movement process. Close-ups show important details. Different angles create the perfect overview. Easy-to-understand explanations complete pictures and videos.
  • Around The Clock

    Your advantage in online training: You decide when and where you train. So your training fits perfectly into your everyday life!
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The most used programs



  • On Top 2
  • unlimited access
  • Language German
  • No subtitles
  • E-Mail standard support



  • On Top 4
  • unlimited access
  • Language German
  • No subtitles
  • E-Mail standard support



  • Modul 1-3
  • unlimited access
  • Language German
  • No subtitles
  • Special E-Mail support



  • Complete Program
  • Language German
  • No subtitles
  • Special E-Mail support

How it works

We do not train you only for the correct behavior in dangerous situations. With our online training, you also get a trained look for when threats of danger and danger in arrears. With our system of modules built on each other, over time you build up your personal skillset that suits you and that you can use effectively in an attack. You learn more easily, become more confident in your techniques and improve steadily. As you work out, you also learn how to deal confidently with a dangerous situation - and react appropriately in an emergency.

Gain more security - avoid confrontation

The best fight is the one that never takes place. The ultimate goal of self-defense is therefore to prevent confrontation. With DEFTACS, we not only put you in the position to defend yourself in an emergency. Even the awareness "I can defend myself" gives you more self-confidence - and you radiate that. Self-confident people are less likely to be victims of an attack, as attackers usually seek easy prey. Another plus point: self-confident people are less likely to be victims of bullying. This is true even for children and of course later in professional life. If it comes to an attack, you can quickly fend off this thanks to your individual technique set and bring you to safety.

We hope you never need what you learn with us - but we'll arm you in case of emergency: - easy, - Reliable - and learnable for everyone! Get to know DEFTACS now!

Step by Step Process

If you want to take it to the next level, take your time and practice constant, 3-4 times a week is a good number.


Stable Stance & Structure

A secure stance and a solid structure is essential for your defense.

Controle Techniques

First, the focus is on control, then the appropriate action.

Hit & Kicks

Training of optimal movement patterns taking into account the body mechanics.

Attack & Defend

The best defense is your own attack, triggered by trained reflexes and reaction.



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