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  • I can not find the email with the access data.

    There can be two reasons for this: If you have paid with Paypal, the email has been sent to the associated email address.Keep in mind that many e-mail providers often automatically move foreign e-mails to other folders called "spam", "junk", "advertising" or even directly into the trash. Sometimes these folders are even hidden, you have to click another menu item to see these folders. This is different with each provider!
  • I can not log in

    If customers can not log in, it is usually because they do not correctly decipher the password. As a rule, the characters "1", "l", "L" or "I" are not correctly decoded and confused.Please remember that you can always change your password at any time, even if you forget it.Under the login form you will find a link called "forgot password?"
    Just click on the link below the registration form and select a new password. Please remember that your new password must first be activated. You will receive an email from the system with an activation link.Your username is always the same as your email address.If you do not receive the confirmation email, please read under the menu item "I can not find the email with the access data" (scroll up).If you have paid with PayPal, please keep in mind that all system emails will be sent to the address linked to the PayPal account.If you do not receive an error message: After the login attempt, reload the page. If step 1 does not work, clear your browser's cache memory (not history!) And then reload the page. Go to "empty browser name cache"; it's easy.
  • I have paid in advance. How do I get my data?

    After receipt of payment you will receive an email from digistore24.com and an email with your access data from defense-tactics.com.Please make sure you find the emails too.
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  • I do not want to pay over the internet. Can I still buy your products?

    This is not a problem. Just scroll down the payment options and select "Prepay". You will then receive the bank details of Digistore24 and a remittance, which you should specify in the transfer.
    Now you can go to your bank as normal and transfer the amount to the Digistore24 account.
    As soon as the amount has been received, you will receive an email with your access data.
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    Behind DEFENSE TACTICS is a sophisticated and highly efficient self-defense system.
    Simple techniques from a wide variety of martial arts are used, which have been adapted by the founders Michael Mehle and Benjamin Laumer so that they are easy to implement and highly effective.
  • For whom is DEFENSE TACTICS suitable?

    The DEFENSE TACTICS system is suitable for men and women over the age of 18 years.
    But we also offer suitable modules for children and adolescents, which are specially tailored to their needs.
  • What sets DEFENSE TACTICS apart from other systems?

    We combine the most effective melee techniques from martial arts, martial arts, as well as methods primarily used by military and security personnel.
    We prepare you specifically for the emergency on the street, what the common martial arts can not convey. Our system is specifically aimed at the weak points of the human body, which may not be attacked in martial arts by a strict regulation. In addition, the real life does not take place in a ring or cage and is not monitored by a referee.
    Martial arts, which, like the DEFENSE TACTICS system, also target human vulnerabilities, are usually anchored with their traditional roots in such a way that they have completely failed to adapt to today's circumstances.
  • Can you even learn to defend yourself online?

    The answer is definitely yes! There are martial arts where it is essential to train face to face with an experienced trainer, instructor or teacher.
    These include, above all, the so-called "softer" martial arts such as Aikido, Systema, Tai Chi or even the Wing Chun system, which is mainly used with the power of the opponent. It is about pressures and pressure directions to feel it. This is only a video course alone, unfortunately not feasible.
    At DEFENSE TACTICS, we teach simple but highly effective actions to get you out of the danger situation as fast as possible and thus to escape.
  • Do I have to be in a particularly good shape to start DEFENSE TACTICS?

    Absolutely not! After all, we do not prepare for any competition.All you need is an open mind and willingness to learn new.
  • What if I already have experience in martial arts?

    Great! Complete your knowledge, because you can always learn something new.We provide Reality-Based Self-Defense, where we are not bound by any rules, judges or other restrictions.
  • Do I need knowledge in the field of self-defense in advance?

    No! We have set ourselves the task of adapting the highest level of effectiveness paired with easy-to-learn techniques in such a way that they can be learned equally by both women and men without previous experience.
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  • How long does it take for me to defend myself?

    This varies from person to person and therefore can not be generalized. It is important to practice the techniques regularly, then you will make significant progress after a short time.
  • How should I start with DEFENSE TACTICS or which module (s) is / are suitable for me?

    In principle, all modules are suitable for you because they build on each other.
    However, we always recommend starting with module 1. In this module we teach the basic techniques and train the sense of distance to the opponent. In addition, you will learn to stand stable and to move. These are the basics on which everything else builds.
  • How often should I practice the techniques in the modules? (How often should I exercise?)

    With our online courses, you have the advantage of training as often and as long as you want. The more you train, the faster you progress. Although our techniques are easy to learn, regular training should not be neglected. You will soon realize that you are making progress and can decide for yourself whether you are ready for the next module.
    Especially for all DEFENSE TACTICS members we recommend at least 2-3 training sessions per week, each lasting 60 minutes, to get a sense of self-defense and to immerse yourself in the matter.
  • Can I train the DEFENSE TACTICS program on my own or do I need a training partner?

    In order to get a first impression and feel for the system, it is enough to start by training for yourself alone. Module 1 with its basic principles of distance and stability is predominantly designed so that you do not need a partner.
    For the techniques and applications for self-defense, however, a training partner is required.
  • Do I need any equipment or special training clothes?

    Loose sportswear is best for exercising. But this is not a must, because you probably are not always in casual sportswear on the street. For this reason, you can also like to train in your everyday clothes.
    Once you understand and deepen the techniques, it's about improving yourself. This is best done by putting a certain amount of intensity into your training. If at the beginning you only want to simulate or simulate blows and hits on your partner, then it's time to land real hits. But all in a certain frame. Safety in training is always the top priority.
    The higher the intensity, the more important the protective equipment. In addition to claws to practice, we recommend impact and kick pad, and shin, head, neck and chest protection.
    Further information can be found in our blog post about exercise equipment.
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