About the Team


About our Team

Every martial arts has its own simple but effective techniques. From more than 40 years of experience in various martial arts, we have developed the DEFTACS modules for online training. In it are gathered the most effective methods and techniques of various martial arts and martial arts. They are easy, fast and error-free to learn, so you can safely use them in an emergency. Thanks to the individual modules, DEFACTS adapts to you personally. Whether it's low-weight techniques for women, special techniques for people with health or physical limitations, different body sizes or anything else, we'll find the perfect training set for you.

Self-defense is as individual as each person and every new dangerous situation.


Little Introduction

That's why we offer customized defense concepts for different needs. For example, you can learn how to protect your child from being attacked as a father or mother. We also prepare the children for emergencies - with an age-appropriate concept wich also considers the smaller size and lower weight of children.
Women react and fight differently than men - and have less power. A concept with particularly effective techniques without much effort makes sure that you are no longer vulnerable to a violent offender on the street. Maybe you also have to be able to defend yourself in your job if necessary. Our company concept is therefore aimed, for example:
- security services
- Rescue services
- Taxi driver.

Our Skills

More than 40 years Martial Arts expirience!

Wing Chun Kung Fu
Muay Thai


Meet the Team

Welcome to Defense Tactics.


Michael Mehle

Managing Director

Michael Mehle

Managing Director

Michael was born in 1971. Bodygard out of service. In 1978, Sifu Michael began his martial arts career with Judo for several years.1986 intensive study of various martial arts. 1991 study of the East Asian Movement Teachings (Qi Gong and Kung Fu), with the style Wing Chun Kuen. Since 1999 he teaches the art of combat (Wing Chun / Wong Shun Leung) as well as Nei Gong (Qi Gong) and Dao Yin.

Benjamin Laumer

Creative Director

Benjamin Laumer

Creative Director

Benjamin was born in 1981. He started his martial arts at the age of 7 and fascinated by Bruce Lee's films. Over the years, he tried different styles and martial arts, such as Tae-kwon-do, judo or classic boxing until he finally discovered his love for Wing Chun in 2011.

The big Plus:

Our techniques are intuitive. So you work with human natural defense mechanisms and automatisms and only direct them into more effective ways. In self-defense, this ensures that the techniques work well in practice. You do not think anymore, you just act - instinctively and effectively. So you can learn fast and easily with DEFTACS self-defense.

High Quality

Useful and effective.


Uncompromising and surprising.

No Limits

No rules.

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